Some people have very little knowledge of the type of jobs that exist in the construction industry. First-timers entering the construction industry would be happy to know that the industry can offer various types of work and career paths. Here are just a few jobs in construction.

Elevator Installer and Repairers

Elevator installers are well paid but require special training, a licence and an apprenticeship. They repair or install new escalators, lifts and other moving devices that are essential for all kinds of buildings.

Insulation Worker

Insulation workers install different types of insulation into houses, apartments and many types of commercial buildings. Insulations prevent too much heat or cold. It is possible to learn insulation installation while working.


Roofers either do an apprenticeship or work on the job. Roofers do what the job sounds like. They install roofs onto buildings in all kinds of weather conditions. Most roofers need to be comfortable working at heights.

Construction Equipment Operator

Construction equipment operators work bulldozers and earthmovers. Crane operators also come under this category. Heavy equipment is used to create roads, bridges and buildings. People working in this industry need to have a good driving record and require a number of licences.


A boilermaker makes and repairs all kinds of containers that hold liquid or gas. Boilermakers usually do an apprenticeship and must be physically strong as the work in dangerous. They work on-site and may also work at a base of operation depending on the job.

Plumber and Pipefitter

Plumbers and pipefitters usually complete an apprenticeship and require the appropriate licenses. They work in several settings, such as homes or many places that have pipes or septic systems.

With so many different types of work available, the construction industry offers something for everyone. The work is often physically hard, but hard work can pay off in this industry.