There are different types of recruitment agencies, and all of them serve a specific purpose. If you are looking for employment, or if you want to hire, some of the recruitment agencies you can search for are as follows.

The Agencies

  • General Recruiting agencies: These are also called contingency recruiters. In most of the cases, these agencies are hired to fill in for entry-level or mid-management level positions. In most cases, the agency is not paid until the company that is seeking an employee finds someone who fits their needs. They are also sometimes bound to provide a replacement for free if the person they recommended for the job leaves before three months are over.
  • Executive recruiting agencies: These are also called boutique recruiting firms. They are hired to help organisations fill up middle-level to high-level management positions. The interviewing process by this type of agency is always rigorous and may take several sessions.
  • Specialised recruiting agencies: As the name suggests, these agencies recruit for specific companies and industries. For instance, they may be specialised in recruiting for construction. Others are also specialised in recruiting for IT firms and online casino sites like and many others,
  • Staffing recruiting agencies (temp agencies) : These agencies are always hired when a company is looking to hire staff for short term goals. They give temporary employment for both general and specialised fields. For instance, during the peak tourism season, companies in the travel and tour companies always reach out for temp agencies to give them the staff in different categories such as caterers, drivers, and others.
  • Recruitment consulting: These firms are always called upon by companies that are struggling to fix some of the problems they are having in their process of recruitment. They can also be invited to determine the best candidate who can fill up roles for internal promotions.