The number of managers and companies that have abandoned the traditional way of hiring and are using recruitment agencies has been increasing. Some of the reasons why they feel they need to use these third parties include the following.

Qualified Candidates

Companies and managers that use recruitment agencies are more likely to get access to some of the most qualified job seekers. People who are qualified for some positions and are seriously looking for jobs are likely to reach out to recruitment agencies and register to be listed among job seekers.

Saves Time and Resources

The time the company would have spent working with human resources to advertise for the job, shortlist candidates, and interview them is cut to a large degree when they use a recruiting agency. They do not have to go through the elaborate process to identify the best candidate.

Expertise Screening

One of the reasons why companies would instead use recruitment agencies rather than do everything themselves is because these agencies are trained in screening and analysing the candidates. They have experts who can read through the resumes and cluster them into different sectors so that it is easy for the company to decide on who to shortlist or invite for an interview.

Accessing National Job Boards

This depends on the country that the company is based. There are some countries where access to national job boards is quite expensive. This means that it is only big companies such as the recruitment agencies that can afford the membership. If the companies use recruitment agencies, they can then be featured on the job boards where they are visible to potential candidates.

Benchmarking on Salaries

Using a recruitment board allows the company to know the market rates on how some of the positions they have are being paid. It also gives them a glimpse of the market rate when it comes to paying for certain jobs.